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 Freelance Consultant on Analysis & Forecasting of the Economy & Stock Market Economics 

 Updated: 31 January 2003 07:07:53 AM

The Right Timing Special: "What ails the KLCI?"
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1997-98 El Nino Study

"Once Burned, Twice Shy?: Lessons Learned from the 1997-98 El Nino"
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bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "What ails the KLCI?"; Online feature article at, 26 Jan 2003
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes) The EDGE Malaysia, 26 Jan 2003 - "The Right Timing Special: What ails the KLCI?" .
PG-9190M - ...A Turkmenistan Project Financing Experience by Arifin Abdul Latif, Assistant Director - I.T., Agriculture Department...industrial project and project financing options Arifin Abdul Latif Assistant... 

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Speaker at the Privatisation of Government & State-Owned Enterprises in Malaysia Conference, 30-31 Oct 2002, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur; "Case Study: Considerations for Project Financing in a Transition Economy's Privatisation Project - a Turkmenistan Experience"; Asian Business Forum (ABF) brochure
Biorhythm and biorhythms - ... Biorhythm links for reasearch into biorhythms ... Market, Economy and the Ringgit - Which why Now?... Arifin Abdul Latif - Much have been said on the causality factors ... - October 22, 2002 - 16 KB
bannertheedgedaily.gif (2584 bytes) "Getting out of the woods"; Online feature article at, 26 Aug 2002 
TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE Malaysia, 26 Aug 2002 - "The Right Timing Special: Getting out of the woods"
UNIDOlogo.gif (14580 bytes) ...Press Release in Lagos, Nigeria; The Guardian: Industry Watch - "UNIDO boss restates commitment to Nigeria's industrialisation", 21 Nov 2001
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TheEDGElogo.gif (2984 bytes)  The EDGE, 3 Sep 2001 - "The Right Timing Special: Breaking out of the Bermuda Triangle"
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 MADE Dissertation (ANU, Australia), 1985 - A Study of Stock Market Trends of Plantation Securities and its Relationship to the Performance of the Malaysian Economy

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