Current/Research Interests & Consultancy
Minat Semasa/Penyelidikan & Konsultansi
Current Interests: 
    Management of Information Technology (IT); Economics & Equities Research (Econometric Modeling/Time Series Forecasting); Development Economics; Agro-Based Industrial Development; SME Development & Management; Economics of the Financial Markets; Business, Finance & Investment; Stock/Commodities Market Economics; Derivatives Markets; Technical Analysis/Charting; Desktop Publishing.
Research Interests & Consultancy Work:

Regional Training Workshop on Appropriate Strategies for Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Development for the Agricultural & Industrial Sectors for West African Nations; UNIDO Project, Lagos, NIGERIA (5 - 16 November 2001)

Project Financing Training & Consulting for The State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN (16 Mar to 15 Sept 1998)

Developing a Unified Model for Forecasting Prices of Agricultural Commodities (on-going, since Dec 1996; from INTAN days)

Price Forecasting for Macro-economic Indicators & Commodities Using Technical Analysis (Charting) (on-going, since Jan 1993; from INTAN days)


Designing and Maintenance of Web Site for EKONOMI Programme (Single-handedly started in May 1997, until 30 Sept. 2001)

Expert Counterpart in Computer Model (Software) Development – CIDA Project No. 600/12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia-CANADA (Farm Level Land Evaluation) (Dec 1989 - Feb 1991)

Information Technology Section, Planning Division, Dept. of Agric., Wisma Tani, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, 
50632 Kuala Lumpur
, Malaysia
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