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Canada requires no introduction, but have you heard of Turkmenistan? Dekat-dekat Isketambola kata Suddin (ingat filem "Tiga Abdul"?). It's one of the newly independent Central Asian Republics (Islamic CIS states). Have a long history since the Nissa empire (at about the same time as Alexander the Great, Iskandar Zulkarnain). Forms part of the fabled Silk Road together with Uzbekhistan (where the world famous Bukhara and Samarkhand are located). Famous for its Akhalteke breed of horses and Turkmen carpets.

Now an emerging neutral state at the crossroads to the new "Great Game" -- the oil and gas deposits of the Caspian Sea. Believed by experts to be the next mecca, after the Persian Gulf region, for the oil and gas multinationals to tap (including by the six sisters!). Malaysia, with Petronas Carigali, is the only corporate player in the region so far. Below are two maps for a glimpse of where the country is. On the left is a satellite image at the time when we faced the haze problem (note the red spots -- that's where the forest fires were!), and on the right is the CIS political map. Turkmenistan lies on the is right of the Caspian Sea.