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Stockk.com Press Release:

Stockk.com Investment Challenge (2nd) Final Result

Malaysia, Thursday, September 9, 1999

Entering the third quarter of the year, The StocKk.com Investment Challenge (SIC) received tremendous support from local and international investors. Participants for the July-September SIC game totaled 2,665 players, a new record as compared to the previous game. SIC, Malaysia first stock market simulation game in the internet was ended on 7th September, 1999. After adding two new servers to support the huge traffic volume, the July-September game was a hit, with minimal errors and server busy time! Stockk.com had experienced the worst traffic jam problem since year 1996 during the first SIC game in May-July, due to the overwhelming feedback from visitors.

As more serious investors took part in this challenging game, competition was fierce, especially when facing the end-of-day trade constrain. Although real-time transaction was developed by SIC back in February 1999, SIC decided to stay at end-of-day trading model to encourage real investment in the KLSE. This does not mean that SIC does not allow day trading. In fact, the online trading system developed by SIC can handle 128 bytes SSL secured transaction in seconds. Approval by the government is needed before day traders can use the online system, and that is yet another story.

Although the result is not as good as the previous game due to weak and volatile market, the players are actually performing much better than the benchmark composite index. Well done!
Stockk.com Investment Challenge Game result:

malaysiakgb (nick name) is obviously the best player in this round of SIC game with an impressive 45% increase in portfolio value during the two months time! The player is an active trader which focused on specific counters before placing any order. The largest holding for malaysiakgb's portfolio was TA-W2, HICOM-W and RHBC-W. Started with an initial capital of SM$500,000.00, malaysiakgb's portfolio managed to close at SM$725,330.60. malaysiakgb is definitely the "Stock Expert" for this round of the game.

The second best player is turkmenbashy, which made about 36% investment return. Due to complication in user name, SIC have chosen ecch as the third best player for SIC July-Sep game, with a portfolio return of 30%.

Congratulation to all top players. A new game will be started on 13th September, 1999. With improved system configuration, server backup system and security protection, the 2nd Stockk.com Investment Challenge was expected to attract over 1,600 players and we have made 2,665 players! For the third SIC game, we expect about 3,200 players will take part.

Top 10 players (Final Result)
No. User Value Return(%)
1. malaysiankgb 725,330.60 45%
2. turkmenbashy 681,321.60 36%
3. turkmenistan 677,023.60 35%
4. ecch 652,536.30 30%
5. alvin 621,710.00 24%
6. youngstar 600,237.80 20%
7. ooiks 600,089.50 20%
8. rcfliew 594,041.00 18%
9. m_l72 589,624.00 17%
10. banzai 589,092.10 17%

For registered player, you can use the same ID and Password to login. For new players, you are encouraged to participate in SIC by visiting: http://stockk.com/games/

Join us today and get a preview of what real online trading is like!

For press enquiries, please contact STOCKK.COM at press@stockk.com
Technical contact: tech@stockk.com or sic@stockk.com

Note 1: SM$1.00 = RM1.00


Stockk.com was acquired by Microasia, on behalf of a Singapore investment company in 1999 from a UK private investor. Microasia is a private IT investment company and web incubator with operations in Singapore, Asia, Europe and North America. Since 1996, Microasia has invested in over 30 internet web sites and software companies in 12 countries. Stockk.com is the first and currently only company in the region to provide Internet simulation trading of stocks and warrants listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Stockk.com's mission is to empower individual investors with easy to use and inexpensive stock broking and financial information services. Previously hosted with Asiadragons.com, Stockk.com was founded by experienced professionals from the Internet industries, and international web investor.

Additional press inquiries, please contact press@stockk.com

To participate in SIC game, visit http://games.stockk.com/
Looking for venture capital or seed funding? Visit http://www.stockk.com/vc/
For more information, visit: http://www.stockk.com

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