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Stockk.com Press Release:

Stockk.com Investment Challenge (4th) Final Result

Stockk.com Press Release:
Malaysia, Monday, March 13th, 2000

A new record for Asia first investment challenge game, StocKk.com Investment Challenge (SIC) received an impressive record of 28,720 participants during the 3 months period. The healthy competition which encourages brilliant investors to really test their skill is getting world wide players attention. Participants are coming from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, UK and US.

Since the SIC system is designed for real-time online trading, the 21 months old system developed by Malaysian is the first system in Malaysia prepared for online trading. The system is used as a game trading system which fits the current market environment. Although it is a waste, the SIC committee had decided to continue organizing new games to benefit the general public. Thanks to all your support!
Stockk.com Investment Challenge Game result:

The result for this 4th SIC game is "extraordinary" as our best player received an impressive 197% capital gain in just 3 months time!

It was a bullish market since the game started in january, which we saw 5 out of 10 best players are making over 100% return. This shows that the bullish market in the past 3 months did creates opportunity for SIC players to test and perform their investment skill. It was a fierce competition.

For those that have won your title, congratulation! For other players, try again in our next coming game. A new game will be started on 24th April, 2000. Good luck to all experts!

Big Surpirses!

For the first time, SIC is giving our prizes to top winners! Check out the web site and register today!

Top 10 players (Final Result)
No. User Value Return(%)
1. zoeya 1,485,779.20 197%
2. dris 1,241,231.50 148%
3. gigiya 1,201,949.60 140%
4. ultrahckr 1,130,583.50 126%
5. shortdbugger 1,010,897.60 102%
6. lct 964,920.00 92%
7. newboy 940,829.60 88%
8. emperor99 898,272.00 79%
9. champ 872,808.00 74%
10. javentwee75 851,694.40 70%

For registered player, you can use the same ID and Password to login. For new players, you are encouraged to participate in SIC by visiting: http://stockk.com/games/

Join us today and get a preview of what real online trading is like!

For press inquiries, please contact STOCKK.COM at press@stockk.com
Technical contact: tech@stockk.com or sic@stockk.com

Note 1: SM$1.00 = RM1.00


Stockk.com was acquired by Microasia, on behalf of a Singapore investment company in 1999 from a UK private investor. Microasia is a private IT investment company and web incubator with operations in Singapore, Asia, Europe and North America. Since 1996, Microasia has invested in over 30 internet web sites and software companies in 12 countries. Stockk.com is the first and currently only company in the region to provide Internet simulation trading of stocks and warrants listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Stockk.com's mission is to empower individual investors with easy to use and inexpensive stock broking and financial information services. Previously hosted with Asiadragons.com, Stockk.com was founded by experienced professionals from the Internet industries, and international web investor.

Additional press inquiries, please contact press@stockk.com

To participate in SIC game, visit http://games.stockk.com/
Looking for venture capital or seed funding? Visit http://www.stockk.com/vc/
For more information, visit: http://www.stockk.com

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