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  Date : 23-Jun-2001
Closing Estimate:

Guess this week's closing index level of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange!

NOTE: If you would just like to view your past entries, do not enter any estimate.

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Stock Sleuth Results (Top 6)
(updated every Friday of the week, at the end of trading)
Contestant Week Ending Prediction Actual Index Deviation
mui 22-Jun-2001 587.82 587.89 0.07
ginmun 22-Jun-2001 587.5 587.89 0.39
lee_cn 22-Jun-2001 588.28 587.89 0.39
arifin 22-Jun-2001 588.34 587.89 0.45
chuahph1 22-Jun-2001 587.22 587.89 0.67
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The Stock Sleuth
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(powered by iDS Finance)

The Stock Sleuth is a weekly online competition open to registered users and will run from June 18, 2001 until July 27, 2001.

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Using the various tools available on the website, participants have to submit their end-of-the-week closing estimates for the Kuala Lumpur Stock Market Index. All entries should be submitted before 12:00 Midnight, every Thursday.


Suppose Johnny Lee predicts a close of 1900 for Friday, June 8. His entry has to be submitted by Thursday, June 7, before 12 midnight. The submitted index will be used to compare to the actual index closings of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on Friday or the last day of the trading week. The weekly contest winner would be the participant with the least absolute deviation.

They are tallied as follows:

Stock Sleuth Example for Johnny Lee
(updated every Friday of the week -- EXAMPLE ONLY!)
Week Ending Prediction Actual Index Deviation
6/08 1900 1902 2

The top 6 entries for each week will be made visible to contestants every Friday, at the end of the trading period. The winner and runners-up will be declared on the first day of the following week. Winners will be posted on this site and contacted via email.

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Grand Prize: D-Link DMP-100 MP3 Player/Recorder worth RM460.00
5 Consolation Prizes : Lycos Goodie Bags worth RM50.00 each

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