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 Freelance Consultant on Analysis & Forecasting of the Economy & Stock Market Economics 

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The Right Timing Special: "What ails the KLCI?"
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1997-98 El Nino Study

"Once Burned, Twice Shy?: Lessons Learned from the 1997-98 El Nino"
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 International Consulting 
International Consulting Assignments 
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UNIDO | IDB/Turkmenistan/TFEB  | CIDA 
2002- CIRDAP/ IADB Collaboration - Japan Programme Expert for Latin American & Caribbean Economies (registered as an expert in Agricultural Development; IT)

Agro-industrial Expert, with UNIDO Geneva (Strategic Planning/ Agro-industries), NIGERIA.  UNIDO Consulting Assignment -- Sustainable Industrial Development, Lagos, Nigeria (UNIDO)

Regional Training Workshop on Appropriate Strategies for Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Development for the Agricultural & Industrial Sectors for Senior Officials/Govt. consultants from 7 West African nations; UNIDO Project, Lagos, NIGERIA (19 - 30 November 2001)
  • Agro-industrial Expert, UNIDO’s Regional Training Workshop for West African Nations (Nov01) – UNIDO Mission in Sustainable Industrial Development for senior staff from Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea & Ghana, in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Registered Project Expert, with IDB/TFEB (Project Financing), TURKMENISTAN.  IDB Consulting Assignment -- Project Financing Training & Consulting for Turkmenistan, Ashgabat -- for Turkmenistan's TFEB's Project Financing Dept. officials

Project Financing Training & Consulting for The State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN (16 Mar to 15 Sept 1998)
  • Seconded as a Project Expert to IDB Jeddah, for a Tripartite Mission, in Project Financing training & consulting for 1998 for staff of TFEB, Ashgabad. Assisted The Bank in project appraisals and consulting in several Presidential decree and high priority projects for international tenders/ joint ventures. 
  • Projects include: Modernization of the Turkmenbashi Refinery (US$1.7 bil.); Ammonia-Urea Fertilizer Plant at Chardzhou-Seidi FEZ (US$250 mil.); Aluminium Plant at Mary-Bairamaly FEZ (US$430 mil.); Paper/Pulp Plant at Buizmen-Annau FEZ; Potassium Sulphate (K2SO4) Plant at Bekdash/Kara Bogaz Gol, Caspian Sea; and Bitumen-based Plastomeric/Elastomeric Waterproofing Membranes Plant at Buizmen-Ashgabat FEZ.
Senior Fellow/Economist, AGRICULTURE CANADA, CIDA Project No. 600/ 12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia- Canada (Software Development -- Farm Level Land Evaluation)CIDA Project  on Computer software development -- developing a prototype Farm Level Land Evaluation (FLLE) decision making software (LANDS Ver. 1.0)

Expert Counterpart in Computer Model (Software) Development – CIDA Project No. 600/12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia-CANADA (Farm Level Land Evaluation) (Dec 1989 - Feb 1991)
  • Malaysian counterpart (Senior Fellow/ Economist) – attached to Agriculture Canada, Vancouver. Assisted in developing a  prototype software for land analysis and decision support (LANDS) System, a PC-based LANDS System (Ver.1) for farm/ regional level applications using proprietary softwares. 
1987- ASEAN Inventory of Experts (registered as an expert in Development Economics; Project Planning; Forecasting; IT)

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Left to right:  At the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE, 1990);  With Prof A.K. Sen, 1998's Nobel  laureate in Economic Sciences (seated 2nd from left), at The Master's Lodge, Trinity College, Cambridge University, UK. Part of an itinerary in a Privatisation Course at IDS Sussex, UK (2000); CIDA Project on Computer software development,  Vancouver, Canada (1990); IDB Consulting Assignment - Project  Financing Training & Consulting for Turkmenistan, Ashgabat (IDB, 1998, with TFEB's top officials); Prime Minister Dr Mahathir's visit, Canberra, Australia (1985); UNIDO Project Assignment - Sustainable Industrial Development, Lagos, Nigeria (UNIDO, 2001); with UNIDO officials, Dr K. Yumkella and Mr Machado.

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