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  StocKk.com Investment Challenge
Latest Announcement (2nd Jan 2001)
We are upgrading the current Stockk.com Investment Challenge (SIC) and will re-launch again in March 2001. If you are interested in our investment challenge, you can now play the market in "real-time" by getting a copy of eStockk MINDFORCE!

The New ESIC game is now available in the eStockk MINDFORCE software. With the support of our sponsors, ESIC game is able to give out CASH and PRIZES worth RM50,000.00. There is more! Early players will also have a chance to win US$1,000,000 lucky draw, audited by PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC). Click here for more information

Test your investment strategy or theory and learn how to invest in the stock market without risk. Use SM$500,000.00 (StocKk Money) to buy stocks traded in KLSE and compete with other experts in the market now. 

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Big prizes lining up! 
PC, Cell Phone, and more... 
Guess what? Sign up today and get started! Check out our sponsors!
Prize list:
1st Prize - Pentium III PC
2nd prize - WAP Phone
3rd Prize - PC Furniture
(prizes to be announced)
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StocKk.com Investment Challenge is a bi-monthly stock market simulation. Practice your online investing skills and strategies while competing with many other stock experts in the stock market. Big prizes awaits you in the near future!
Next game run dates: 4th September, 2000 - 5th November, 2000 Register now!

Press Release:

You name could be listed here if you are one of the best player in the stock market!
No. User Value Return(%)
1. yeow006 844,311.55 68%
2. lolitajun 840,806.00 68%
3. afeilegend 788,509.35 57%
4. rullim 773,177.75 54%
5. teo2 698,316.60 39%
6. ongnetco 672,977.50 34%
7. yeow001 669,122.50 33%
8. yeow015 659,036.30 31%
9. ebug 649,338.20 29%
10. tcsfund 636,320.00 27%

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